Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi)



   A newer variety of grapefruit, that is quickly becoming the variety of choice due to its beautiful red flesh and sweeter flavour. Similar to blood oranges, the colour pigmentation does vary due to climatic conditions, although it still colours well in Sydney. The fruit in the above photo was grown at our Nursery in Dural. The medium sized fruit has a red blush beneath the yellow skin as it ripens in July, August. The flavour is distinctly sweeter than other grapefruit, but still has that grapefruit tang. The fruit makes a wonderful juice with the red/pink colour. The tree is medium to large when fully grown, dense and bushy and crops abundantly year after year.  


Being a parent of the red grapefruit, it is very similar, only having yellow coloured flesh. Good strong growing tree that fruits abundantly. If the red flesh is not your thing, than this is the grapefruit for you. It’s sweeter than the other variety with a thinner skin.



   The Thompsons Pink Grapefruit is a new variety to Engall's Nursery. It has a large fruit with few or no seeds. The flesh of a thompsons Pink Grapefruit can vary in colour, depending on its area, from a chamois to a light pink. The spring blossom can take up to 14 months to mature, but you must allow the fruit to ripen on the tree as long as possible to develop sweetness. Most fruit ripen in winter.  



The traditional grapefruit, large yellow fruit, with a thick skin and very sour. Wheeny is one of the quickest and strongest growing citrus varieties, producing a large tree. Fruits heavily year in year out. Once established you will be sharing the grapefruit with all the neighbourhood.


PUMMELO / SHADDOCK (Citrus grandis)

   Similar to a grapefruit, the Pummelo, also referred to as a Shaddock, can bear fruit to the size of a football. The fruit is not as sour as a grapefruit, but has a very thick rind, often with more rind than flesh. There are many strains of this variety grown overseas. The variety grown at Engall’s, ripens with a yellow skin and slightly pink tinged flesh.  

Engall's Expert Tip

Engall's expert tip Because of their large, heavy fruit you may need to support low growing fruit with stakes and plant ties. Alternatively prune all lower limbs from the tree to avoid fruit growing close to the ground.



 Engall's Nursery has been grafting citrus for over 65 years. By grafting citrus onto a rootstock, it produces a superior tree that is disease resistant and will grow in a broad range of soil types and climatic conditions. Grafted citrus produce the highest quality fruit from a young age. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, always plant a grafted citrus. 
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