Unusual Varieties
BUDDHA’S HAND (Citrus medica ‘Fingered Citron’)
   The most unusual citrus ever! Produces mutant fruit that have long finger shaped segments that resemble a hand. The fruit has a very strong perfume. There is no flesh with the entire fruit being rind. The rind is often used to make candied peel. Amaze your friends and plant one today; it will be the talking point of your whole street when it fruits.  
 ETROG (Citrus medica ‘Etrog’)
   This unusual citron variety is best described as a lemon on steroids. It can be up to double the size of a lemon, long and elongated in shape, with a thickish skin. The fruit is used in Jewish religious ceremonies.  
 BERGAMOT (Citrus bergamia)
   Often referred to as bergamot orange, the fruit looks more like a lime or lemon and has no resemblance to an orange at all. The fruit has an acidic taste and very aromatic. The fruit is used for the oil in the skin which is extracted and used to flavour teas such as ‘earl grey’ and perfumes. The tree is vigorous and strong growing.  
 CHINOTTO (Citrus myrtifolia)
   This compact shrub has small pointed leaves unlike any other citrus. Fruits very heavily every year with masses of orange coloured fruit that are about golf ball size. The fruit often form in clusters and resemble a bunch of grapes on the weeping branches. The fruit is sour and used to make the Italian drink of the same name, ‘Chinotto’. Makes a great pot specimen.  
Engall's Expert Tip

Engall's expert tip IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS with Engall’s range of unusual citrus plants which would be a great addition to any fruit or ornamental garden. We pride ourselves on obtaining and growing these rare and hard to find varieties of citrus.



 Engall's Nursery has been grafting citrus for over 65 years. By grafting citrus onto a rootstock, it produces a superior tree that is disease resistant and will grow in a broad range of soil types and climatic conditions. Grafted citrus produce the highest quality fruit from a young age. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, always plant a grafted citrus. 
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