English Seedling - Large white kernels, thin shell, great flavour. Fruit ripens late April. Self pollinating.   


Pinkalicious - These are a medium sized, evergreen tree growing to approximatly 7m high. From July to September flowers appear as long, drooping racemes, bright pink in colour. When planting minimise the disturbance on the root system as much as possible and mulch well after planting. A fertiliser high in Nitrogen and low in Phosphorus is recommended.




Riley (Grafted) - The nuts can be eaten candied, boiled or roasted. Chestnuts are also commonly ground into flour which can then be used to prepare bread, cakes and pasta




Brandes Jordan - Strong upright tree, large nut, sweet with a soft shell, ripens mid February. X-pollinator: Chellaston.          

Chellaston - Smooth, shiny, soft shell, medium sized good flavoured nut, consistent cropper, ripens March. X-pollinator: Brandes Jordan.  


Engall's Expert Tips
Engall's expert tip

Use mulch on your macadamias to keep the roots cool and help prevent the soil drying out.

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