The following is a list of the Tropical Fruit Trees we stock. The availability of these trees changes depending on the season and availability from suppliers. Look below for some more information and call for current availability.



A small semi-deciduous tree with attractive smooth bark. They will tolerate a light frost and are also quite resistant to drought, wind, heat and salt air.

- Hawaiian Pink: This variety has a pink to red flesh and is suitable for processing and for eating fresh. Guavas can tolerate many different soil types, even tolerating waterlogging and low-level salinity.

- Cherry: The Cherry Guava is an evergreen shrub with dark shiny leaves. It produces a mass of Walnut sized, dark red, flavoursome berries. It bears two crops per year, one in early summer and one in late summer. 




- Pinkalicious: These are a medium sized, evergreen tree growing to approximatly 7m high. From July to September flowers appear as long, drooping racemes, bright pink in colour. When planting minimise the disturbance on the root system as much as possible and mulch well after planting. A fertiliser high in Nitrogen and low in Phosphorus is recommended.








- Bowen (Kensington Pride) (grafted): At present the main commercial variety with large, sweet and very juicy fruit and a flesh almost fibre free. Flowering occurs during winter to early spring. Bowen will fruit somewhere around late February to March in Sydney, earlier in more tropical areas.

- R2E2 (grafted): A variety that has been imported from overseas by the Queensland Department of Primary Industries. It was chosen because it produces an extra large fruit. As with alot of fruit trees we recommend removing the first crop of fruit to encourage you Mango tree to grow stronger and become more established, in the long run the tree will produce much higher yields.





- Black Magic: This climbing, evergreen vine is a useful plant in the home garden where it can quickly cover an unsightly fence or hide a brick wall with its deep green leaves and its large, colourful flowers. Plant in a well drained soil, protected from the frost in cooler areas.







- Hass (Grafted): Produces a medium sized fruit weighing 200-300g. The skin turns a dark purplish black when ripe.






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If the fruit tree you want isn't one we have listed on our website give us a call or send us an email and we can source one for you.

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