During the Winter months, from roughly July onwards, we stock a huge range or Deciduous Fruit Trees. With more than 50 varieties to choose from there is plenty of choice to satisfy your needs. Click on the 'Deciduous Fruit Trees' tab below to find out more about each of the varieties.

Throughout the rest of the year we stock lots of different varieties of Tropical Fruit Trees. These include Mango's, Avocardo's, Guava's, Kiwi Fruit and many more. Click on the 'Tropical Fruit Trees' tab below to find out more about each variety. At different times of the year this list can change so be sure to check back often.

Our range of Nuts includes both deciduous and tropical nuts. Click on the 'Nuts' tab to find out information on Almonds, Chestnuts, Macadamia's and more.


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Engall’s is now on YouTube!

Want to know how to plant your new fruit tree? Check out our new YouTube videos presented by our fully qualified staff members.

In this video Daniel Fowler will show you everything you need to know when planting a Fig Tree.

 planting a fig tree


Watch Mark Engall, in this video, demonstrate how to plant a Peach Tree. All of his tips and tricks can be used for any of your fruit trees.

plantin a peach tree

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