Engall's Expert Tip

Engall's expert tip Don’t wet the foliage of your roses when watering in the late afternoon or evening as this will encourage fungal diseases.




Black Beauty
Black Velvet
Camp David
Christian Dior
City of Belfast
Fragrant Cloud
La Sevillana
Mr. Lincoln
Papa Meiland
Pierre de Ronsard (Red)
Super Star


Bella Rosa (White)
Margaret Merill
White Iceberg


Baronne Edmond de Rothschild
Bella Rosa (Pink)
Bridal Pink
Eiffel Tower
First Prize
Madame President
Mary Mackillop
Mother's Love
Perfume Delight
Peter Frankenfeld
Pierre de Ronsard (Pink)
Pink Peace
Princesse de Monaco
Queen Elizabeth
Royal Highness
Silver Lining
Simply Magic
Sophie's Rose
The Children's Rose


Gina Lollobrigida
Gold Bunny
Golden Masterpiece
Helmut Schmidt
Spek's Yellow


Angel Face
Blue Moon
Charles de Gaulle
Fragrant Plum
Lady X
Shocking Blue
Vol de Nuit


Apricot Nectar
Fire Magic
Julia's Rose
Just Joey
Pat Austin
Woburn Abbey


Burgundy Iceberg


Chicago Peace
Double Delight
Gold Medal
La Minuette
Tequila Sunrise


Roses are the most popular plant worldwide grown for thousands of years. There are over one hundred thousand different varieties propagated around the world. They come in many different colours, shapes and styles, frangances and growth habits. Red Rose - Kardinal

Engall’s bush roses are available from mid May each year. These plants are grown in the ground, then dug and potted straight away using premium quality potting mix. They are not bagged or left in cold storage, but potted to ensure better root growth and this eases stress when transplanting. For planting information see Rose Care.



Angel Face(Floribunda) - Deep lavender/mauve, with waved petaled blooms. Very fragrant.

Apricot Nectar(Floribunda) - Buff apricot blooms. Moderately fragrant.

Baronne Edmond De Rothschild(Hybrid Tea) - Bi-coloured crimson red opening to deep pink, with silvery backed blooms. Very fragrant.

Bella Rosa Pink(Floribunda) - Rosy pink coloured blooms. Moderately fragrant.

Bella Rosa White(Floribunda)

Black Beauty(Hybrid Tea) - Medium sized velvet red with black tinted blooms. Lightly fragrant.

Black Velvet(Hybrid Tea) - Dark red blooms. Fragrant

Blue Moon(Hybrid Tea) - Large lilac blue blooms. Very fragrant.

Bonica(Shrub Rose) - Soft pink blooms. Flowers continuously throughout the growing season.

Brandy(Hybrid Tea) - Deep apricot blooms. Lightly fragrant.

Bridal Pink(Floribunda) - Very delicate pink blooms. Flowers continuously throughout growing season. Mildly fragrant.

Burgundy Iceberg(Floribunda) - Velvety dark burgundy with silvery/white backed blooms,. Flowers continuously throughout growing season.

Buttercup(Shrub Rose) - Golden yellow blooms. Strong fragrance.

Camp David(Hybrid Tea) - Beautifully formed dark red blooms. Fragrant.

Champagner(Hybrid Tea) - Medium sized cream with slight pink blushed blooms. Lightly fragrant.

Charles De Gaulle(Hybrid Tea) - Lilac/blue blooms. Fragrant.

Chicago Peace(Hybrid Tea) - Very large deep pink with yellow based blooms.

Christian Dior(Hybrid Tea) - Clear red blooms. Slightly fragrant.

City Of Belfast(Floribunda) - Bright red blooms.

Dearest(Floribunda) - Salmon pink blooms. Fragrant.

Double Delight(Hybrid Tea) - Large carmine to red with white to cream based blooms. Very fragrant.

Duet(Hybrid Tea) - Two toned pink blooms. Lightly fragrant.

Eiffel Tower(Hybrid Tea) - Long stemmed pink blooms. Very fragrant.

Elina(Hybrid Tea) - Large creamy pale-yellow to ivory blooms.

Europeana(Floribunda) - Very large deep crimson blooms. Slightly fragrant.

Fire Magic(Hybrid Tea) - Orange to orange-red blooms. Mildly fragrant.

First Prize(Hybrid Tea) - Swirled hues of rose-pink blooms. Slightly fragrant.

Fragrant Cloud(Hybrid Tea) - Deep coral red blooms. Highly fragrant.

Fragrant Plum(Hybrid Tea) - Deep lilac edged with rich purple. Highly fragrant.

Friesia(Floribunda) - Bright yellow blooms. Fragrant.

Gina Lollobrigida(Hybrid Tea) - Golden yellow blooms. Very fragrant.

Gold Bunny(Floribunda) - Medium to large soft gold blooms. Flowers continuously throughout the growing season.

Golden Masterpiece(Hybrid Tea) - Golden-yellow with apricot undertones. Moderately fragrant.

Gold Medal(Hybrid Tea) - Yellow with light pink edges. Slightly fragrant.

Granada(Hybrid Tea) - Orange-red with yellow based blooms. Very fragrant.

Helmut Schmidt(Hybrid Tea) - Pure yellow blooms. Slightly fragrant.

Joyfulness(Hybrid Tea) - Large pastel shades of apricot, cream and pink. Slightly fragrant.

Julia's Rose(Hybrid Tea) - Coffee, lavender amd pink blooms.

Just Joey(Hybrid Tea) - Apricot coloured blooms. Fragrant

Kabuki(Hybrid Tea) - Deep yellow blooms. Highly fragrant.

Kardinal(Hybrid Tea) - Bright red blooms. Fragrant.

Lady X((Hybrid Tea) - Pale lilac blooms. Almost thorn-less. Slightly fragrant.

La Minuette(Floribunda) - Bi-coloured ivory/white with pinkish-red edged blooms. Slightly Fragrant.

La Sevillana(Floribunda) - Orange-red blooms. Slightly fragrant.

Madame President(Floribunda) - Delicate pale pink with bright pink edged blooms. Slightly fragrant.

Margaret Merill(Floribunda) - White blooms. Highly fragrant.

Mary Mackillop(Floribunda) - Shell pink deeply edged with rose pink blooms. Lightly fragrant.

Mother's Love(Hybrid Tea) - White with a blush of pink blooms. Fragrant.

Mr. Lincoln(Hybrid Tea) - Dark red blooms. Highly fragrant.

Oklahoma(Hybrid Tea) - Very large dark red blooms. Highly fragrant.

Papa Meilland(Hybrid Tea) - Large dark velvety crimson blooms. Highly fragrant.

Paradise(Hybrid Tea) - Pale mauve with magenta edged blooms. Light fragrance.

Pascali(Hybrid Tea) - White blooms. Slightly fragrant.

Pat Austin(Shrub Rose) - Large bright copper coloured insides with pale copper-yellow backed blooms. Fragrant.

Peace(hybrid Tea) - Large light yellow flower with crimson to pink edges. Hardy and vigorous. Slightly fragrant.

Perfume Delight(Hybrid Tea) - Large deep pink flower. Vigorous. Very fragrant.

Peter Frankenfeld(Hybrid Tea) - Dark pink, perfect exhibition form blooms. Slightly fragrant.

Pierre De Ronsard Pink(Climbing) - Large white to pale pink blooms. Slightly fragrant

Pierre De Ronsard Red(Climbing) - Large burgundy red blooms. Slightly fragrant

Pink Peace(Hybrid Tea) - Large bright silvery pink blooms. Very fragrant

Princesse De Monaco(Hybrid Tea) - Ivory white with deep pink edged blooms. Moderately fragrant.

Queen Elizabeth(Hybrid Tea) - Large medium pink blooms. Moderately fragrant.

Royal Highness(Hybrid Tea) - Pale pink blooms. Almost thorn-less. Very fragrant.

Seduction(Floribunda) - Medium to large white with pink edged blooms.

Shocking Blue(Floribunda) - Lilac/mauve with magenta backed blooms. Very fragrant.

Silver Lining(Hybrid Tea) - Pale rose/pink with silver based blooms. Very fragrant.

Simply Magic(Floribunda) - Bright pink blooms. Almost always in flower throughout growing season.

Sophie's Rose(Shrub Rose) - Light red colouring. Lightly fragrant.

Spek's Yellow(Hybrid Tea) - Golden yellow blooms. Rich light green foliage.

Super Star(Hybrid Tea) - Large well formed orange/vermilion blooms. Highly fragrant.

Tequila Sunrise(Hybrid Tea) - Bright yellow with red edged blooms.

The Children's Rose(Hybrid Tea) - Light pink blooms. Very fragrant.

Vol De Nuit(Hybrid Tea) - Deep mauve coloured blooms. Very Fragrant.

White Iceberg(Floribunda) - Pure white blooms. Flowers continuously through the growing season. Lightly scented.

Woburn Abbey(Floribunda) - Coppery orange to yellow blooms. Very fragrant.


Standard roses are roses that are specially grafted at the top of a standard length rootstock. This provides a mass ball of foliage and an abundance of flowers on top of a straight stem. The elevated growth and formal appearance make for an eye-catching attraction to any garden. Whether mass planted along side a pathway or driveway, potted on either side of an entrance, or planted in a row behind a small hedge, standard roses always look great.

We grow are standard roses in two sizes. Our tallest is approximately 90cm high, and is grown in a 250mm pot. The smaller is a patio standard which is approximately 70cm high, and is grown in a 200mm pot.













Rose Care


Unfortunately, many people consider growing roses too hard and difficult. If you follow these simple hints, anyone can grow great roses. Check out our newest YouTube video below for a guide on how to plant your new roses.


Roses love sunlight, therefore choose a bright open sunny position.

Choose the right variety

There are literally thousands of rose varieties to choose from, some more disease resistant than others. If you have never grown roses before, start with the Iceberg varieties. They are the most disease resistant and always flower no matter how they are treated. If you are considering other varieties, check with your neighbours and friends, which varieties they prefer and grow best your area. Also examine the plants carefully in the nursery and only purchase those that are disease free and looking vigorous and healthy.


Roses will tolerate many soils, from sandy loam through to heavy clays. No matter what your soil type it is always a good idea to enrich the soil by turning over and digging in some organic matter, such as compost, garden mix or cow manure. Dig the whole twice the size of the pot. Remove the pot and if root bound, gently tease the roots. Place the root ball in the hole, keeping it at the same level as it was in the pot and then backfill. Water well and keep moist for the first couple of weeks, until the roots grow out into your soil. If planting in rural areas, don’t forget to protect roses from rabbits and or wallabies as they will feast on the new shoots.

To reduce water loss and reduce weeds always apply mulch. There are many suitable mulches, sugarcane, lucerne, teatree, leaf litter etc.

The drought in the past couple of years, has certainly proven how hardy and drought resistant roses actually are. Once established, they will survive without any irrigation, although for best results it is ideal to give them two good soakings a week in the hot summer months.

Fertilise regulary, after every flush of flowers, during the growing season. the key is to fertilise in small amounts, but often. we recommend the use of organic fertilisers such as, Organic Life, chicken manure, blood and bone, cow manure or Dynamic Lifter. Water your plant well; remove any mulch from around the trunk. Spread the fertiliser evenly around the soil underneath the canopy, but not directly against the trunk. The amount varies, depending on which fertiliser you choose. Don’t be afraid, you can apply a few large handfulls per plant of organic fertiliser.  Generally the organic fertilisers are less harmful if you accidentally overfeed.

Many people are terrified of pruning roses, in case they get it wrong. The first rule in rose pruning is don’t be scared!


Summer  Pruning
Throughout the growing season as each flush of flowers finishes and the petals start to drop, dead head these blooms. This is simply done buy cutting off the finished flower and a small portion of stem below it. This simply encourages the plant to shoot away with new growth producing more flowers.

Winter  Pruning
Winter pruning is done each year, ideally around the end of June or start of July when the rose is loosing its leaves and going dormant. A general rule of thumb is prune off two thirds and leave one third. Remember, don’t be scared.

before pruning 


Start by pruning at least half the growth away. This enables you to see what your doing.

after pruning half the growth

Next prune out any dead or diseased branches.

Now prune any branches that are crossing over each other or shooting in towards the centre of the bush. This opens up the plant, forming a vase shape.

Finally go over the entire plant and further reduce the height and prune back to an outward facing bud. Try to cut at an angle to reduce the risk of dieback.




That’s it! Your done!

One rose plant successfully pruned.

It wasn’t that difficult, was it?

Planting a rose?

Watch how simple it is!





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