Established Since 1946

We’re Specialist Growers of Citrus, Fruit Trees, Olives and Roses

Engall’s Nursery

Located on acreage in Dural in the north west of Sydney, we are a production nursery specialising in quality citrus and olives. We also stock fruit trees, both tropical and deciduous depending on the season as well as a range of bush roses and standard roses.

Available now – Deciduous fruit trees, nut trees, bush roses and standard roses.

Wholesale Nursery

While we have a small retail outlet, we are predominantly a wholesale nursery business. We only supply businesses in the horticultural industry with trade prices including wholesale and retail nurseries, horticulturists, landscape designers and gardeners. In order to become a trade customer we would need business registration details and proof of the type of business. Please contact us for further information.

Retail Nursery

We have a small retail outlet on site too which is open weekdays from 8am – 4pm. If you are not able to make it into our nursery, our online shop is operational, so feel free to browse for smaller plants which can be posted direct to you. If you’re after a number of plants or larger pot sizes and are in the Sydney Metropolitan area, we can have them delivered via a courier.

Unusual citrus, Cara Cara Orange, available at Engall's Nursery

Citrus Trees

Citrus are widely known for their delicious edible fruit and their many uses.

Fruit Trees

We stock a huge range of deciduous fruit trees (they lose their leaves in winter) and tropical fruit trees.


Olives are low maintanence and drought tolerant, suited to Australia’s sometimes harsh weather conditions.


Roses have been grown for thousands of years and are the most popular plant to grow around the world.

Family Traditions

Engall’s Nursery is a family business, now spanning four generations. We take pride in the Engall’s name and stand behind the knowledge that has been passed down through the years. We continue to build our skill and share our enthusiasm for all things citrus. With us, it’s personal.

Quality Plants

The Engall’s name is synonymous with quality citrus. All our citrus trees are grafted onto rootstock to improve performance, producing trees that are more disease resistant and will grow in a broad range of soils and climatic conditions. We put a lot of effort into producing plants that will thrive at your place.


Growing quality citrus never gets old, but it’s a time-consuming process. It takes 3 years to produce a tree ready for sale. At any one time we have 3 – 4 crops underway, that’s 100,000 trees in production. We work hard to ensure a continuous supply of fresh citrus trees for you to enjoy.

Our Story

Engall’s Nursery was started in 1946 by William Engall after returning from the war.

Originally called ‘Weona Nursery’, the business started in the backyard in Carlingford Road Epping. Plants were grown on various rental properties in the district and sold through the Carlingford Road site. In those days the plants were grown in the ground.

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