How Citrus Are Grown

Producing a citrus tree, ready for sale, is a long process taking up to three years of dedicated production using our sixty years of experience and knowledge. There are many processes along the way; the following is a simplified step by step process to give you an indication of the work involved in producing our final product.

Step 1:

All the rootstock seed is purchased from Auscitrus, an organisation that provides virus free seed. The seed is planted in a special propagation mix and placed in a polyhouse and grown for twelve months.

Step 2:

The rootstocks are then bare rooted and graded, with over 50% deemed unsuitable and discarded. They are then planted into a 12 Litre bag using a specially formulated premium potting mix.

Step 3:

The rootstocks grow for another 6 months until they are suitable for budding. Using the ‘T Bud’ process, the desired variety is propagated onto the suitable rootstock and tied using a plastic budding tape. The bud wood used for propagation is purchased from Auscitrus to ensure a virus and disease free tree.

Step 4:

If the bud has been successful the tape is removed and the top of the rootstock is lopped forcing the young bud to shoot away.

Step 5:

As the plant grows it is trained to a single leader and staked producing a straight strong trunk. The tree is continually pruned and shaped until a desirable plant is achieved.

Step 6:

Approximately three years from the time the rootstock seed was planted we finally have a beautiful young citrus tree ready to be planted in your home orchard.

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