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We graft and grow a wide range of citrus trees in both full-size and dwarf form. Our young citrus trees are ready for sale when they’re 2 – 2.5 years old, though their heights will vary depending on variety.

Plant your citrus trees in full sunlight. A minimum of 6 hours per day is recommended, but more would be very welcome. When planting in pots or the ground, be sure the soil allows for good drainage and be prepared to feed your citrus trees regularly (2 -3 times per year) as growing their fruit takes a lot of energy.

During the winter months, don’t be alarmed if your trees begin to yellow or look a little worse for wear; this is normal! Citrus trees don’t take up much nutrition from the soil during the cooler months, so their leaves can start to look a little pale, especially if you’re in cooler regions. Once the warm weather returns and they start to feed again, the leaves will green-up again nicely.

For most of the year, we also have a limited range of more advanced citrus trees that range between 4 – 6 years old. For information on varieties or about delivery of these trees, please get in touch with us.

At times, if our stock is low, some varieties may show as ‘out of stock‘ in our online shop and may only be available at the nursery.

Citrus Retail Prices

Our citrus range is available in two pot sizes: 200mm for our young trees and 400mm for our advanced trees.

To learn more about caring for citrus trees, click below for our Help & Advice recommendations.

Citrus Range

We have a great selection of backyard favourites and specialty varieties to choose from. Click on the varieties below to find out more.

Dwarf Citrus Range

If you’re looking for something smaller, or have limited space to work with, check out our dwarf citrus range. Click on the varieties below to learn more.

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