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Sweet, juicy Cara Cara Navel Orange whole and sliced showing pink flesh

About Citrus

Australia does have its very own native citrus, the Finger Lime (Citrus australasica), however the arrival of the First Fleet introduced a range of citrus that we are still successfully growing today – lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits and mandarins. Although the value of citrus and vitamin C in the prevention of Scurvy was well known at the time and seeds were deliberately included on the ships, they may not have realised that the Australian climate was going to be so ideal for growing citrus trees. Today we are still growing some of the exact same varieties.

Citrus are widely known for their delicious edible fruit and their many uses, from picking and eating straight from the tree, adding exotic flavours and that certain zing to cooking, making jams or marmalades, delicious deserts, an unusual garnish, flavouring your favourite alcoholic beverage or simply juicing for a refreshing drink. Yet there is much more beauty to citrus than just their wonderful fruit. Citrus trees also produce an abundance of heavenly scented flowers that can be cut and used as a posy or simply enjoyed on the tree filling the surrounding garden with a beautiful fragrance.

Citrus trees require full sun for optimum growth and fruiting. Some varieties are better suited to warmer climates and some will tolerate the cooler weather. Although they need to be well watered, they do not like wet feet and require excellent drainage. Given the amount of fruit they produce, citrus trees should be fertilised at least 4 times a year.

Our Citrus Trees

We are citrus specialists, producing a range of citrus including dwarf and regular sized trees. We have popular backyard varieties including lemons, oranges and mandarins as well as rare and unusual citrus varieties with specialised uses.

Our citrus trees are first available when they reach 2.5 – 3 years old. They are in 200mm pots and the tree height varies, depending on the variety and whether a tree is dwarf, from 30cm – 1m. We recommend removing the fruit from these trees for the first year. We have a limited range of more mature citrus in 400mm and 500mm pots with heights ranging from 70cm to 1.5m depending on variety.

In some cases, where our stock levels are low, certain varieties may show as out of stock on our online shop and may only be available at the nursery.

Retail Citrus Prices

  • 200mm pots – $45 each or $40 each for 3 or more trees
  • 200mm Specialty Citrus – $60 each (includes Yuzu, Sudachi, Bergamot, Etrog and Buddha’s Hand)
  • 400mm pots – $175 each or $160 each for 3 or more trees.
  • 500mm pots – $320 each or $290 each for 3 or more trees.

Bed full of Dwarf Citrus trees at Engall's Nursery

Dwarf Citrus

Dwarf citrus are ideal for pots, balconies or small backyards where space is limited.

Nagami Cumquat fruit and foliage attached to a tree in Engall's Nursery, Dural


To keep your Cumquats nice and bushy prune them seasonally directly after fruiting in late winter.

Delicious Rio Red grapefruit, cut in half to show pink centre


Choose the right variety and grapefruits can be eaten straight from the tree for a refreshing zingy change.

Dwarf Lemon Eureka


If you only have room for one citrus tree, the versatility of lemons make them an ideal choice.


Limes are the new ‘black’ of citrus! For a delicious difference use them in lime tarts, lime meringue pie, lime butter and squeezed into drinks.


Because of their dense foliage and colourful fruit mandarins make great espaliers and hedges.

Dwarf Seedless Valencia Orange


There is nothing better than picking and eating a fresh orange from your own tree.

Espaliered Citrus

These exquisite trees have been specially trained to grow flat along the lattice frame.

Buddha's Hand

Unusual Varieties

We have a range of unusual and difficult to find citrus varieties available, but get in quick as we often sell out.

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