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Our Grapefruit Range

Grapefruit are vigorous growing trees with large, glossy leaves that produce an abundance of fruit that you can share with all the community. Newer varieties can be eaten straight from the tree or if you’re a traditionalist, cut them in half, sprinkle some sugar and enjoy them for a delicious breakfast alternative.

Delicious Rio Red grapefruit, cut in half to show pink centre


(Citrus x paradisi)

A newer variety of grapefruit, that is quickly becoming the variety of choice due to its beautiful pink to red flesh and a flavour that is distinctly sweeter than other grapefruit, but still has that grapefruit tang. The fruit makes a wonderful juice with the red/pink colour.

Like blood oranges, the colour pigmentation does vary due to climatic conditions, although it still colours well in Sydney. The skin has a red blush beneath the yellow skin.

Fruit ripens July into August, although if the fruit is left on the tree it will continue to get sweeter. The tree is medium to large when fully grown, dense and bushy and crops abundantly year after year. Also see our Dwarf Red Grapefruit variety.

Yellow Marsh grapefruit cut open to reveal juicy yellow flesh


(Citrus x paradisi)

Being a parent of the Red Grapefruit, the Marsh Grapefruit is very similar, only with yellow coloured flesh and can be eaten straight from the tree. It’s sweeter than other traditional varieties and has a thinner skin. If the red flesh is not your thing, then this is the grapefruit for you.

It is a good strong growing tree with attractive glossy leaves and it fruits abundantly during the winter.

Nam Roi Pomelo cut open to show thick skin and pale yellow flesh


(Citrus maxima)

The Pomelo Nam Roi originated in Vietnam. Similar to a grapefruit, this variety of Pomelo can bear fruit to the size of a football. The fruit is not as sour as a grapefruit, is almost seedless, and has a very thick rind that peels away easily.

The variety grown at Engall’s, ripens with a green yellow skin and a yellow flesh.

It is quite a large tree, reaching 6 + metres tall with large, bright green glossy leaves. It is not cold tolerant and is a good citrus option for tropical areas.

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