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There is nothing better than picking and eating a fresh orange from your own tree. That sweet juicy flavour is so much better than the fruit bought in the shops.

Why stop at one, plant a few different oranges to extend your harvest season and if you cannot eat them all you could end up supplying the local footy team with their half time snacks!

Arnold Blood Orange showing streaky red centre


(Citrus sinensis ‘Arnold Blood’)

Arnold Blood is a newer variety discovered by Mike Arnold in South Australia. It is a true blood orange with a orange to dark red streaky flesh and a slight red blush on the skin. This variety produces a good red pigmentation in Sydney and coastal climates, although does produce better colour in cooler climates.

The smallish, fruit ripens mid-winter and has a distinctive tang. It is delicious to eat but is beautifully decorative and makes fantastic red juice.

The tree is small and bushy growing to about 2 metres, making it suitable for pots or a small garden. Also see our Dwarf Arnold Blood variety.

Sweet, juicy Cara Cara Navel Orange whole and sliced showing pink flesh


(Citrus sinensis ‘Cara Cara’)

The Cara Cara Navel is a Navel with a twist. Like all Navels, it is seedless, but the Cara Cara is super sweet virtually free. Not a true blood orange, the entire flesh colours and can vary from pink to dark orange depending upon climatic conditions.

Great for fresh eating or can be juiced to produce a colourful drink. The fruit ripens mid-winter.

The tree grows 3 – 4 metres and makes a unique addition to any backyard citrus collection.


(Citrus sinensis ‘Lanes Late Navel’)

The Lanes Late Navel almost identical to the Washington Navel in all aspects except that the fruit ripens a couple of months later in August into early spring. The tree will get to around 4 metres and like many oranges can be quite broad domed.

Like the Washington Navel, the fruit is sweet, juicy and seedless.

If you have room for two orange trees, planting a Lanes Late will greatly extend your Navel Orange fruiting time. Also see our Dwarf Lanes Late Navel Orange variety.

Navelina Orange


(Citrus sinensis ‘Navelina’)

The Navelina Orange tree is a small, compact and bushy tree growing to around 2 metres making it a great choice for small gardens or pots.

It is an early season Navel orange, with the fruit ripening at the end of April into May. The fruit can be slightly oblong in shape and has a dark orange skin and is sweet, juicy and seedless.

For those gardeners with space planting a Navelina, Washington and Lanes Late will see the orange harvesting time for Navels stretch out to 6 months. Also see our Dwarf Navelina Orange variety.

Newhall Navel Orange fruit


(Citrus sinensis ‘Newhall’)

The Newhall Navel is not as well known as it deserves to be. The Newhall is a compact, bushy tree that grows 3 – 4 metres tall.

As with all Navel Oranges, it is juicy and seedless, however it is also one of the sweetest oranges you will taste. The fruit is an unusual oval or oblong shape, slightly smaller than the Washington with a deep orange skin.

The fruit ripens in late autumn to early winter.

Dwarf Seedless Valencia Orange


(Citrus sinensis ‘Seedless Valencia’)

Often referred to as a juicing orange because the juice stores very well, Valencias are also good to eat. The Seedless Valencia has the added bonus of having no seeds! The fruit is medium sized with a distinctive fresh tang.

Valencia Oranges ripen to orange in late winter but last on the tree all the way through to the start of summer and become sweeter the longer they are left, making it an excellent backyard orange as they can be picked as required.

If you are limited to only one orange in your garden a Seedless Valencia will provide you fresh oranges for nearly 5 months. Also see our Dwarf Seedless Valencia Orange variety.


(Citrus aurantium)

The Seville is often known as the bitter orange and is highly sought after for a very specific reason.

The fruit is medium and flattish, contains many seeds and depending on the variety may have a dimpled skin. While it looks appealing, the flavour is sharp and bitter and the Seville is only used for making jams, marmalades and is an ingredient in some sauces.

The fruit ripens in mid- winter.

It is a strong growing tree with highly fragrant flowers.


(Citrus sinensis ‘Washington Navel’)

The Washington Navel is the most popular backyard orange grown in Australia.

Washington Navel Oranges are medium to large, (depending on the quantity of fruit set) and are very sweet and juicy. Skin is relatively easy to peel and being a navel, the fruit is seedless. Although the juice has a good flavour, it doesn’t keep well.

It is a medium sized tree getting to 3 – 4 metres in its lifetime as long as it is in ideal conditions.

The fruit ripens in mid-winter.

Also see our Dwarf Washington Navel Orange variety.

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