Fig Trees


(Ficus carica)

Figs are a medium-sized deciduous fruit tree that can grow anywhere between 3 and 5 metres tall.

They’re reasonably drought tolerant, although ensuring they have adequate water when they’re fruiting will generally produce a better tasting, better textured fig.

They tend to fruit best in areas that have relatively dry summer heat and little or no frost over winter, making them quite suitable for much of Australia, especially the coastal areas.

Plant figs a full sun position and, ideally, protected from strong winds. Nutrient-rich and well-drained soil will really help them thrive.

They can be planted in the ground or live happily in a nice big pot as well.

Fruit typically ripens around late summer.

Fullsize Varieties


Max Height: 3 – 5m

  • Black Genoa
  • Preston Prolific
  • White Adriatic (sold out)

Fig Variety Information

Click on the names below for more details about our fig range, as well as pollination information.

Black Genoa Fig Information

The Black Genoa is a popular backyard fig tree thanks to its relatively easy to grow nature and high yield of fruit. It produces a decent, large sized fig that will ripen to a deep purple or almost black skin.

The inner pulp is a deep pink to red colour with a rich texture and sweet flavour.

Fruit ripens: December (can sometimes produce an autumn crop around April)

Cross Pollinators: Self-pollinating

Preston Prolific Fig Information

Preston Prolific can be a vigorous tree when planted in ideal conditions. It produces a good size fig with a skin that ripens from green to purple. The skin is relatively thick, while the inner pulp can be amber or red-tinged with a nice, sweet flavour.

Fruit ripens: December onwards (can sometimes produce an autumn crop around April)

Cross Pollinators: Self-pollinating

White Adriatic Fig Information

The White Adriatic fig is quite an old variety, possibly dating back to 1856 Italy. It’s a good size fruit with a bright green, amber tinted skin when ripe. The inner pulp is a strawberry-red colour and is thought to have one of the nicest fig flavours.

Fruit ripens: December onwards

Cross Pollinators: Self-pollinating

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