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Fruit Trees

Our Fruit Trees

We stock a huge range of deciduous fruit trees (they lose their leaves in winter) and tropical fruit trees. Our deciduous fruit trees are contract grown for us in Victoria. They are grown in the ground and in June each year they are dug up and transported direct to our nursery where we prune and pot them into 300mm pots with premium fertilised potting mix. We get a huge amount each year, but they often sell quickly and once they are gone, they are gone until the following year, so start planning your deciduous trees for next winter now.

Tropical fruit trees are sourced from Northern NSW and Queensland during the warmer months and sell quickly. Tropical fruit trees will grow in Sydney in a warm sunny position, if you are in a colder area, frost protection may be required for the first couple of years until the tree establishes.

Grapevines are also deciduous and best planted in the winter months when they have no leaves. In the spring they will shoot away lovely fresh growth that needs to be trained up a trellis, along a veranda or over a fence. Flowers will soon follow to produce fruit in the summer months.

Our Fruit Tree Range

Deciduous Fruit Trees

Deciduous Fruit Trees are simply fruit trees that lose their leaves in winter, then blossoming in spring.


Grapes are deciduous vines that lose their leaves over winter, re-shooting in spring to produce fruit in summer.

Tropical Fruit Trees

The availability of these trees changes depending on the season and availability from suppliers.

Engall’s is on YouTube!

Want to know how to plant your new fruit tree? Check out our YouTube video for everything you need to know when planting a fig tree.
Watch Mark Engall, in this video, demonstrate how to plant a Peach Tree. All of his tips and tricks can be used for any of your fruit trees.

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For those customers who are unable to make it into our nursery, depending on your location we may be able to post or courier our young trees. Only trees that can fit into our 1 metre postage boxes can be sent this way. Due to quarantine restrictions we are unable to send to Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory or Western Australia.

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