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Our Grapevines

Grapes are deciduous vines that lose their leaves over winter, re-shooting in spring and producing fruit in summer. They prefer a Mediterranean climate without a lot of humidity and a well drained soil in a full sun position. We get a range of table grapes into the nursery around late August or September.

Crimson Seedless

Large bright red oval shaped grapes. They have a thick skin, firm flesh and very juicy. Late season fruiting. (SOLD OUT)

Flame Seedless

Medium sized round deep red grapes. They have a crisp skin, firm and crunchy with a sweet flavour. (SOLD OUT)

Menindee Seedless

Medium to large round grapes that are light green to yellow. Firm and sweet with a slightly tart flesh, ripening early in the season. Grows well all-around Australia. (SOLD OUT)


One of the original seedless grapes, excellent eating. Medium sized firm grapes that turn pale green when ripe. Can be dried to make sultanas. (SOLD OUT)

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