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Olive Trees

Olives are low maintenance and drought tolerant, suited to Australia’s sometimes harsh weather conditions. They require full sun and very good drainage. There are a large number of varieties that suit different growing conditions. Olives fruit earlier and with more fruit if they have other varieties near by.

All olive fruit starts as green then ages to black. When you buy green olives at the deli or supermarket, these are olives that have been picked green and pickled. Black olives are those left on the tree for longer and picked when black.

Choose a well drained, sunny position, dig the hole twice the width of the existing pot and don’t bury the trunk. Follow the citrus planting instructions (planting citrus in the ground or pots).

Our Olives

Our olives trees are available as young trees in 200mm pots standing between 50cm – 1.1 metres depending on the variety. The next size up are in 400mm pots ranging in height from 1 metre to 1.5 metres. We also have 500mm pots standing around 1.3 – 2 metres and bushy depending on variety.

We often have larger sizes from trees in 100 litre bags to ex-orchard olives in 300 litre to 500 litre bags.


200mm pots – $30 each or $25 each for 3 or more trees.

400mm pots – $175 each or $160 each for 3 or more trees.

500mm pots – $320 each or $290 each for 3 or more trees.

The following varieties we have found grow and fruit successfully in Sydney.


One of Italy’s most important varieties. Coratina olive trees grow faster and more erect than other varieties, and adapt well to many different growing environments and conditions. The fruit is large and oval shaped. Coratina olives produce a very high quality oil with high levels of polyphenols making it very stable. They are also suitable for use as table olives. Sizes available: 100 litre


Frantoio is an Italian olive, producing a large amount of small to medium fruit. The fruit is superb for oil production but can also be pickled. Sizes available: 200mm, 400mm, 500mm


Manzanillo is a very popular Spanish olive that is grown as a table olive, rather than for oil production. The tree produces an abundance of medium fruit that are often pickled green and stuffed. Sizes available: 200mm, 400mm (numbers currently limited), 500mm


The Picual is a very dense, bushy tree producing medium sized fruit, that is suitable for both pickling and oil extraction. The Picual olive will start to bear from an early age, and in high numbers. Suitable for cold climates. Sizes available: 200mm, 400mm, 500mm


Bambalina is a dwarf olive growing to about 2 metres. It has denser growth making it ideal for use in pots and formal gardens as a screening, hedging or topiary plant. It is an ornamental olive and does not produce fruit. Size available: 200mm

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If you are unable to make it into our nursery or find a stockist nearby we have an online shop. Only trees that fit into our boxes can be purchased online as they need to be boxed up to post or courier. Due to quarantine rules we are unable to send to Western Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory.

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