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Arnold Blood Orange

Arnold Blood Orange showing streaky red centre

Cara Cara Orange


  • Full height ranges from 3- 4m
  • Fruit size is medium to large
  • Fruit ripens from June – July
  • Self-pollinating
  • Seeds: Very few, if any

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(Citrus sinensis ‘Cara Cara’)

The Cara Cara navel orange is a super sweet navel orange with unusual blood orange-like characteristics in that its flesh can take on a pinkish colour, depending on climate. It has very low acidity, often lacking the tartness other oranges have. It’s great for eating fresh off the tree, but it can also be juiced to give your beverages a bit of colour and sweetness.

The tree is a compact grower that has a bushy habit, especially when pruned. Like many other orange trees, they can get anywhere from 3 – 4m tall when planted in ideal conditions.

For smaller gardens and pots, see our dwarf Cara Cara navel variety.

For our citrus care recommendations, please check our Help & Advice page!

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 100 cm

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