Dwarf Seedless Valencia Orange

Seedless Valencia Orange


Calamondin Cumquat

Calamondin Cumquat



  • Full height ranges from 3 – 5m
  • Fruit size large
  • Fruit ripens from July to September
  • Self-pollinating
  • Seeds: yes

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(Citrus medica ‘Etrog’)

The Etrog is an uncommon citrus that looks a lot like an oversized lemon.  The tree is a good grower, reaching 3 – 5m in good conditions. It has broad leaves and can sometimes grow a little laterally, though pruning can easily help with shaping.

As mentioned, the fruit can be quite large and have bumpy or smooth skin at times. The variety we grow at Engall’s tends to have smoother skin. The fruit is incredibly aromatic and has very little flesh while being quite full of seeds. Its thick rind is the predominant use for an Etrog. It’s often used to make candied peel and jam preserves, though the skin can be zested and used for flavour in place of a lemon or lime.

The Etrog also holds significant cultural importance within the Jewish community during the holiday of Sukkot. Please note: our Etrog trees are grafted and therefore not kosher.

For our citrus care recommendations, please check our Help & Advice page!

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