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  • Full height ranges from 3 – 4m
  • Fruit size is medium
  • Fruit ripens from July
  • Self-pollinating
  • Seeds:  Yes, few

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Mandarin Hickson (Citrus reticulata ‘Hickson’)

The Hickson mandarin originated in Queensland, Australia around 1941. It began its life as an unintended offshoot of another tree, likely to have been an Ellendale mandarin as they were quite prolific in Queensland around that time. Due to its state of origin, the Hickson tree does prefer a milder climate and can be more prone to winter yellowing which also may include some leaf drop. It may be good to consider a spot in the garden that’s somewhat protected from the cold wind over winters.

A medium height tree, the Hickson quite good-looking with its lovely dark green and dense foliage. It’ll grow from roughly 3 – 4m in height over its lifetime, when planted in good conditions with healthy soil.

The fruit typically begins to ripen around July, depending on weather conditions in your area, so it may be nice to pair with earlier ripening fruits, like an Engall’s Seedless mandarin or a Navelina orange, to extend your harvest season.

The fruit itself is round and a little flat, enjoyed for its high juice-content and thin, easy to peel skin. While it does have seeds, they’re quite few and well worth the delicious flavour of this fruit.

For our citrus care recommendations, please check our Help & Advice page!

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