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Yellow Marsh grapefruit cut open to reveal juicy yellow flesh

Nules Clementine Mandarin


  • Full height ranges from 3 – 4m
  • Fruit size is small to medium
  • Fruit ripens from July – August
  • Self-pollinating
  • Seeds: Yes, moderately

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Mandarin Clementine (Citrus reticulata ‘Clementine’)

Originating in Spain, the Nules Clementine mandarin is a newer variety to Australia, though it is one of the most popular grown here. The tree has nice long leaves that fall in a dense growth habit and, in the right conditions, it can grow up to 4 meters tall.

The fruit is small to medium in size with a glossy orange skin and can be a little flat at times. Its skin is thin and easy to peel while the flesh has a good flavour and very few seeds. Fruit can last quite well on the tree which makes it a lovely addition to the home garden.

For our citrus care recommendations, please check our Help & Advice page!

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