Engall's History

Engall’s Nursery was started in 1946 by William Engall after returning from the war. Originally called ‘Weona Nursery’, the business started in the backyard in Carlingford Road Epping. Plants were grown on various rental properties in the district and sold through the Carlingford Road site. In those days the plants were grown in the ground. In winter they were dug and sold bare rooted. Dispatch consisted of soaking the roots in a muddy solution in an old bath tub, (the puddle tub) then enclosing in wet and dry straw and wrapping in brown paper and finished with an intricate web of bailing twine. These packages were then sent via rail all over Australia.
William Engall died at the young age of forty-nine. His wife, Eunice and son, Robert continued to run the family nursery. Growing techniques evolved and the citrus trees began being grown in containers. As plastic pots were yet to be invented, the growing containers were old jam and kerosene tins. They had their tops cut out, sharp edges hammered in and holes punched in the base and then filled with dirt dug direct from the ground, no fancy potting mixes. The weight of these plants would have been unbelievable heavy.
In 1976, Robert married Fay and together they purchased and set up the production nursery at Dural.
 Click for a citrus grown in an old jam tin.
Sadly in 1997, Robert aged sixty-seven passed away, leaving his wife Fay and children, Gail and Mark to continue the family business. Gail continued the legacy at the Carlingford Road site, transforming it into a retail garden centre. Mark focused on updating production processes and facilities, improving the Dural nursery into the impressive 4 hectare production nursery that it is today.

In 2006 another chapter evolved in Engall’s Nursery, with Fay retiring and ownership was passed on to Mark and his wife Fiona. The hard decision was made to close the Carlingford Road nursery and concentrate on the one site at Dural. This has enabled Engall’s Nursery to do what we do best and grow quality plants, securing the nursery to be one day passed onto the fourth generation.



Congratulations Mark Engall

Winner of 2010 NGIA Young Leader Award

Owner of Engall's Nursery, Mark Engall, was announced the Nursery and Garden Industry of Australia's Young Leader of The Year 2010. The well deserving Mark Engall accepted his award at the National Conference in Darwin, April 2010. Congratulations once again.

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