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Espaliered Citrus

Our Espaliered Citrus Range

Espaliering fruit trees is a pruning technique that has been used for a very long time, and was often seen along the walls of kitchen gardens throughout Europe to take advantage of warm spots. In a modern context, they are a great option for growing fruit trees in smaller spaces, particularly in courtyards.

Our beautiful espaliers have been specially trained to grow flat along a lattice frame. They are in 400mm pots against lattice 1 metre high. You can continue to grow them in pots or they can be planted out into the ground or raised garden bed and trained along a sunny wall or fence. A larger frame of lattice or wire will be required as they grow, or they can be regularly pruned to keep smaller. They are great for privacy or hiding that ugly fence while making the most of the space to grow your own fruit.

We grow the most popular varieties in the espaliered form including Meyer and Eureka Lemons, Tahitian Lime, Seedless Valencia and Washington Navel Oranges and Imperial and Emperor Mandarins. They are very popular and we may not always have the full range, so be sure to call us and check what varieties we have available.

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