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Engall’s Nursery is located in the quiet peaceful suburb of Dural in Sydney’s Northwest outskirts. Our plants are distributed to Nurseries, Garden Centres, Chain Stores and Landscapers across Australia and we also deal direct to the public.

Dwarf Lemon Meyer

Our Citrus Trees

We are citrus specialists, producing a range of citrus including dwarf and regular sized trees. We have popular backyard varieties including lemons, oranges and mandarins as well as rare and unusual citrus varieties with specialised uses.

Our young citrus trees are in 200mm pots, 2.5 – 3 years old and available in dwarf or regular sizes. Tree height varies, depending on the variety, from 30cm – 1m.

We have a limited range of more mature citrus in 400mm and 500mm pots.


200mm – $45 each or $120 for 3 or more.

400mm – $175 each or $160 each for 3 or more

500mm – $320 each or $290 each for 3 or more.

Our Fruit Trees

We stock a huge range of deciduous fruit trees (they lose their leaves in winter) and tropical fruit trees. Our deciduous fruit trees are contract grown for us in Victoria.

They are grown in the ground and in June each year they are dug up and transported direct to our nursery where we prune and pot them into 300mm pots with premium fertilised potting mix. We get a huge amount each year, but they often sell quickly and once they are gone, they are gone until the following year, so start planning your deciduous trees for next winter now.

Our Roses

Roses have been grown for thousands of years and are the most popular plant to grow around the world. There are over 100,000 different varieties propagated. They come in many different colours, shapes, styles, fragrances and growth habits.

Our roses are grown in the ground, then dug and potted straight away using premium quality potting mix. They are not bagged or left in cold storage, but potted to ensure better root growth and this eases the stress when transplanting. 

Our Olives

Olives are low maintanence and drought tolerant, suited to Australia’s sometimes harsh weather conditions.

Choose a well drained, sunny position, and follow the citrus planting instructions (planting citrus in the ground or pots).

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We are currently posting to the East Coast of Australia, as far north as the Sunshine Coast and are unable to send to Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory or Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions.

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