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Engall’s Nursery has a retail outlet at our Dural location but it is only open Monday – Friday. For those customers who are not able to make it in during the week or who live too far away, we can also post or courier trees to you. If you can’t decide or are looking for a gift, we also have a gift card available.

Dwarf Citrus next to postage box


Due to packaging requirements and the practicality of sending out live trees, we can only send out trees and plants in 200mm pots (dwarf and regular) and so only these trees are available for online purchase.

We send our plants in specially designed plant postage boxes and pack them carefully to ensure they arrive in good condition. Our boxes are 1 metre tall and so on occasion we may have to trim a tree to fit.



  • We can post citrus in 200mm pots, either dwarf or regular. These trees are 2.5 – 3 years old, ranging in height from 40cm – 1 metre tall.


  • Our olives are in 200mm pots and are around 60cm – 80cm tall. They may require trimming to fit them into our postage boxes.


  • We can post 2 types of roses – bush roses and patio standard roses. We can only post roses when they are dormant, otherwise they are too bushy for the box.


Only trees and plants in 200mm pots can be purchased at our online shop, however we do have larger citrus and olives as well as fruit tree varieties such as mangos or deciduous fruit trees that can’t be boxed due to pot size or tree height. For these larger trees we can organise a courier service in the Sydney Metro area only. Please contact us for more information.

Due to quarantine requirements we are unable to send our trees to Western Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory. Deliveries to South Australia are restricted to small numbers. Please contact us for more information.

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