Dwarf Citrus

About Our Dwarf Citrus

All our dwarf citrus is grafted onto a dwarf rootstock called ‘Flying Dragon’. It produces a slower growing tree and keeps the final, mature size of the tree to approximately half that of its regular sized counterpart. They still produce an abundance of full-size fruit.

Dwarf citrus trees are a perfect option for pots, balconies, courtyards, and small backyards. There are many varieties to choose from and our dwarf range is increasing each year.

As with all citrus, our dwarf trees require full sun, well-drained soil, and regular fertilising to really thrive.

Retail Dwarf Citrus Prices

Our dwarf citrus range is available in 200mm pot sizes.

  • 200mm Citrus – $45 each
  • 200mm Specialty Citrus – $60 each (includes Yuzu, calamansi, and more.)

To learn more about caring for citrus trees, click below for our Help & Advice recommendations.

Dwarf Citrus Range

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