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Dwarf Robbie Engall’s Seedless Mandarin


Dwarf Imperial Mandarin

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Dwarf Emperor Mandarin


  • Full height ranges from 1.5 – 2m
  • Fruit size is large
  • Fruit ripens from June – July
  • Self-pollinating
  • Seeds: Yes, few

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Dwarf Mandarin Emperor (Citrus reticulata ‘Emperor’)

The Emperor mandarin has long been a popular commercially grown and sold variety around the world. Chances are, if you regularly buy mandarins when they’re in season, you’ve likely picked up a few Emperors from your local grocery store or fruit shop at some point.

The trees are quite a compact grower with a dense foliage and a relatively upright structure. When planted in the ground, a dwarf Emperor tree can reach a height of about 1.5 – 2m in their lifespan. They can also live happily in a good, large pot or planter box.

The fruit has a pretty strong, sweet flavour with a puffy skin that forms separately from the inner flesh making it very easy to peel. The fruit starts to ripen from around June, depending on the weather, so it’s considered a mid-season fruit and makes a great companion for the Imperial mandarin which ripens a little earlier. Pairing these two trees together can help extend your harvest season significantly.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 100 cm

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