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Our Mandarin Range

Because of their dense foliage and colourful fruit Mandarins make great espaliers and hedges.

Mandarins can be biennial, producing fruit every two years. To minimise this occurring remove a small percentage of the developing fruit on heavy crops when it is green and about the size of a 10 cent piece.

Also see our dwarf mandarin range which includes our Dwarf Imperial Mandarin, Dwarf Emperor Mandarin, Dwarf Engalls Seedless Mandarin.


(Citrus reticulata)

The Afourer is gaining popularity and is readily available as a commercial crop. It is an attractive medium growing tree reaching around 3 metres if planted in the ground in ideal conditions.

The fruit is a vibrant, rich orange colour and is sweet and juicy with a distinct flavour and a smooth skin. It can be variable with regards to the number of seeds with some having none, others many.

This variety produces extremely well, and is great as a specimen plant in the garden or in a large pot.

Clementine 'Nules' Mandarin


(Citrus reticulata ‘Clementine’)

There are many different strains, all sold under the name of Clementine. The variety, we grow is Nules Clementine, a newer variety to Australia.

Fruit is medium sized with a glossy orange skin and slightly flat form. It is easy to peel with a good flavour and a few seeds. The fruit ripens mid winter and lasts quite well on the tree.

It is a a vigorous tree that can grow to around 4 metres in good conditions.

We have a limited number of Clementine Mandarin trees available.

Ellendale Mandarin


(Citrus reticulata ‘Ellendale’)

An old-fashioned mandarin that was developed in Queensland and is not as popular as it once was due to the thin, tight skin making it harder to peel. The fruit is large and very juicy, with dark orange flesh and a slightly flat shape. This variety has some seeds.

It is a medium sized tree growing to around 4 metres in the ground in its lifetime.

Fruit ripens in July – August, but may fruit in alternate years.

We have a limited number of Ellendale Mandarin trees available.


(Citrus reticulata ‘Emperor’)

Another great mandarin that is a popular commercial variety, producing excellent fruit year after year. The large fruit is distinctive with puffy skin that forms completely separate from the flesh making this mandarin the easiest to peel. The flavour is strong and sweet.

The tree is a strong grower and will get to around 4 metres at maturity in ideal conditions.

The fruit ripens mid-winter, after the Imperial. To harvest mandarins over a longer period, plant both an Imperial and Emperor. Also see our Dwarf Mandarin Emperor variety.


(Citrus unshui ‘Okitsu’)

This is a superior form of Satsuma mandarin, selected by the late Robbie Engall. It is a fantastic mandarin for the kids, with large fruit and a puffy skin, making it easy to peel, plus a mild flavour and no seeds.

The fruit ripens early in April and May making it the first of our mandarins to fruit.

The tree is a small grower reaching around 2.5metres with a slightly drooping habit. Due to its size it is well suited for the courtyard garden or a pot. Encourage your kids to be healthy and plant one today! Also see our Dwarf Engall’s Seedless variety.

Hickson Mandarin whole and sliced into segments


(Citrus reticulata ‘Hickson’)

The Hickson Mandarin originated in Queensland and is a medium, upright tree growing to around 4 metres in the ground in good conditions.

The fruit is large, bright orange, easy to peel and distinctly segmented. They are an extremely juicy variety with some seeds and they store well. It is a mid-late season producer with fruit ripening in July.

This variety prefers a warm climate, but will cope with cool winters, although the leaves may yellow.


(Citrus reticulata ‘Imperial’)

Australia’s most popular commercial mandarin, the Imperial is also ideal for the backyard. The fruit is excellent quality, medium in size, easy to peel and segment. They are juicy with a great strong, sweet flavour and only a few seeds. Fruit ripens late autumn, into early winter. Increase the size of the fruit by thinning it as it is developing.

Imperial Mandarins are a strong growing tree, with upright growth and small foliage making them good option for screens and to prune in a standard form. If you only have room for one mandarin, this is the one for you. Also see our Dwarf Imperial Mandarin variety.

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